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  • PPFAS Mutual Fund :: Scheme Specific FAQs

    Scheme Specific FAQs

    Is this scheme suitable for me?

    Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund (PPFCF) is suitable for all investors who are willing to commit their investible surplus to the stockmarket for a period of five years or more and are seeking a mutual fund scheme which adheres to the time-tested principles of value investing. Our portfolio only includes those stocks which conform to our strict stock selection filters. Robust and disciplined processes guide our actions. We ignore factors such as market momentum, current market fancies, etc. We also steadfastly follow a buy-and-hold approach, which automatically results in a low churn ratio and consequently results in reduced transaction costs for our investors.

    What is the asset allocation pattern for PPFCF?

    Under normal circumstances the scheme corpus will be allocated as under:
    Type of Security Minimum Allocation (% of net assets) Maximum Allocation (% of net assets) Risk Profile
    Equity and equity related instruments 65 100 Medium to high
    Debt Securities, Money Market Securities 0 35 Low to medium
    Foreign Equity and equity related instruments 0 35 Medium to high
    Debt Securities (including Units) issued by REITs & InvITs 0 10 Medium to high

    What is the benchmark of the fund?

    PPFCF's performance would be primarily benchmarked against the NIFTY 500 TRI with the NIFTY 50 TRI serving as an additional benchmark.

    Both these indices – which are a broad based measurement of changes in the stock market - are used for comparative purposes only, and is not meant to be indicative of the Fund’s performance, asset composition or volatility. Given the wide scope of securities held by these three indices, it should be inherently less volatile. Our results may differ markedly from those of the three indices in either up or down market trends.

    What are the different plans/options available in the PPFCF?

    Currently, the scheme offers only the Growth Option.

    What is the scheme's expense ratio?

    Please visit this link to view the latest Ratio

    Who can invest in PPFCF?

    Almost anyone can invest in the PPFCF including...
    • Resident adult individuals either singly or jointly (not exceeding three);or on an Anyone or Survivor basis.
    • Karta of Hindu Undivided Family (HUF).
    • Minors through parent/legal guardian.
    • Partnership Firms.
    • Companies, Bodies Corporate, Public Sector Undertakings, Association of Persons or bodies of individuals and Societies registered under the Societies Registration Act,1860.
    • Banks & Financial Institutions.
    • Mutual Funds registered with SEBI.
    • Religious and Charitable Trusts, Wakfs or endowments of private trusts (subject to receipt of necessary approvals as required) and Private trusts authorized to invest in mutual fund schemes under their trust deeds.
    • Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)/Persons of Indian origin residing abroad (PIO) on repatriation basis or on non-repatriation basis.
    • Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) registered with SEBI on repatriation basis.
    • Army, Air Force, Navy and other para-military units and bodies created by such institutions.
    • Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations.
    • Multilateral Funding Agencies/Bodies Corporate incorporated outside India with the permission of Government of India/ Reserve Bank of India.
    • Other schemes of Mutual Funds subject to the conditions and limits prescribed by SEBI Regulations.
    • Trustee, AMC or Sponsor or their associates may subscribe to Units under the Scheme.
    • Such other individuals/institutions/body corporate etc., as may be decided by the Mutual Fund from time to time, so long as wherever applicable they are in conformity with SEBI Regulations.

    We suggest you do not invest in PPFCF if

    • You track mutual fund Net Asset Values everyday.
    • To you, the term 'Long Term” is merely a year or two.
    • You believe that investing should be 'exciting'
    • You fear, rather than welcome, stock market volatility
    • You believe you have the ability to time the market
    • You are impressed by fund managers who profess to be magicians
    • You prefer complex mutual fund products to simple ones.
    • You depend on periodic income in the form of mutual fund dividends
    Tax implications of investing in PPFCF
    Please refer to the section titled EQUITY ORIENTED FUNDS (Subject to STT) on this page

    Can a new investor invest online?

    Yes, investor can create folios online, subject to them being KRA compliant. Know more here.

    How can I invest in PPFCF?

    You may choose from any of the following options:

    Online options:
    • Mutual Fund Platforms such MFCentral, BSE StAR MF, Scripbox, Groww, Zerodha Coin, etc.
    For Offline Investors
    Investors who would like to invest in the PPFCF offline can download the Application form, complete it and submit it to any of the Collection Centers along with a cheque/demand draft, payable locally payable to "Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund", along with a certified copy of their PAN Card copy and KRA Acknowledgement letter.

    Organizations interested in investing in PPFCF can refer to the checklist of documents required at the time of Offline Investing in the scheme.
    Documents Companies Trusts Societies Partnership FIIs
    Authorization to invest
    List of authorized Signatories & specimen signatures
    Memorandum & articles of Association
    Trust Deed
    Partnership Deed
    Overseas auditor's certificate
    Notarised Power of Attorney
    PAN/Form 49A/60/KYC letter
    Applicable timelines for subscriptions and redemptions
    Please refer to this link for the latest cut-off times.

    The same timelines would apply for transactions conducted through .

    Please note: Our online distribution partners may follow a timeline other than the ones mentioned above. Please refer to the individual portal's deadline whenever investing / redeeming through any of them.

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    Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.
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