PPFAS Mutual Fund :: Investments made on behalf of Minors

Investments made on behalf of Minors

A. Accounts of Minors:
  • The minor shall be the first and the sole holder in an account (folio). There shall not be any joint accounts with minor as the first or joint holder.
  • Guardian in the folio should either be a natural guardian (i.e. father or mother) or a court appointed legal guardian.
  • Copy of the document viz. birth certificate, passport copy, etc evidencing date of birth of the minor and relationship of the guardian (natural or legal guardian) with the minor should be mandatorily provided while opening the folio.
  • PPFAS Asset Management Private Limited (the "AMC") / PPFAS Mutual Fund will register standing instructions like SIP/SWAP etc. in a folio held by a minor (existing or new folio) only till the date of the minor attaining majority, even though the instructions may be for a period beyond that date.
B. Change of Status from Minor to Major:
  • All transactions/standing instructions/systematic transactions etc. will be suspended i.e. the account will be frozen for operation by the guardian from the date of minor attaining majority. Prior to the minor attaining majority, the AMC/ Mutual Fund will send a notice to investors at their registered correspondence address advising the minor to submit, on attaining majority, an application form along with prescribed documents to change the status of the account from 'minor' to 'major'.
  • KYC Acknowledgment Letter of investor becoming major should also be provided.
C. Change of Guardian:
  • In case of change in guardian of a minor, the new guardian must be a natural guardian (i.e. father or mother) or a court appointed legal guardian and should submit the requisite documents viz.
    • No Objection Certificate (NoC) or Consent Letter from existing guardian or Court Order for new guardian, in case the existing guardian is alive.
    • KYC Acknowledgment Letter of new guardian should also be provided.
    (Click here for Individual KYC form)

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