PPFAS Mutual Fund :: Notice Cum Addendum to the Scheme Information Document and Statement of Additional Information


Addendum Date Addendum to Download
Introduction of Tri-party Repo in place of CBLO 16/11/2018 SID/KIM
Notice for Change in Base TER of PPLF 31/10/2018 -
Notice for Half yearly portfolio 30/10/2018 -
Notice for Change in Base TER of PPLTEF 23/10/2018 -
Notice- Uploading of Scheme Annual Reports on the website 03/08/2018 -
Notice for Change in Base Total Expense Ratio of Scheme(s) of PPFAS Mutual Fund 08/06/2018 -
Change in Key personnel 24/04/2018 SAI
Aadhar Seeding Extension (1) 23/03/2018 SID/SAI/KIM
Linking of Aadhar - Extension of Deadline 14/02/2018 SID/SAI/KIM
Change in Scheme Name 07/02/2018 SID/SAI/KIM
Aadhar Seeding Extension 09/01/2017 SID/SAI/KIM
Change in Custodian and update in Valuation Policy 03/01/2017 SID/SAI/KIM
Appointment of Director 15/11/2017 SID/SAI/KIM
Revision to Valuation Policy 26/10/2017 SAI
Addendum with respect to seeding of Aadhar Number under PMLA Rules 13/10/2017 SID/SAI/KIM
Change in Address of Registered & Corporate Office 04/08/2017 SID/SAI/KIM
Outsourcing of Customer Care Cell to CAMS call centre 05/05/2017 SID/SAI/KIM
SIP Top Up Facility 09/01/2017 Introduction of SIP Top Up
Change in Compliance Officer 14/12/2016 SID/SAI/KIM
Change in Scheme Name 01/09/2016 SID/SAI/KIM
Restrictions on redemption of Units of Scheme(s) 03/08/2016 SAI/SID/KIM
Appointment of director 12/05/2016 SAI/SID/KIM
Revision to valuation policy 29/04/2016 SAI
Change in Exit Load, custodian, SIP provisions 01/04/2016 SAI/SID/KIM
Change in Fund Manager and custodian 21/01/2016 SAI/SID/KIM
Appointment of director 04/03/2016 SAI/SID/KIM
Resignation of director 28/12/2015 SAI/SID/KIM
Appointment of director 04/11/2015 SAI/SID/KIM
Appointment of director, change in name of sponsor company 29/10/2015 SAI/SID/KIM
Change in Fund Accountant 29/10/2015 SAI/SID/KIM
Appointment of director 20/08/2015 SAI/SID/KIM
Revision of valuation policy 13/07/2015 SAI
Appointment of director 18/05/2015 SAI/SID/KIM
Appointment of director 30/04/2015 SAI/SID/KIM
Change in official point of acceptance 02/03/2015 SAI/SID/KIM
Additional point of acceptance for transactions through MF Utility 09/02/2015 SAI/SID/KIM
Appointment of Fund Manager, Change in valuation policy and shareholding 17/12/2014 SAI/SID/KIM
Stock exchange platform for transactions in scheme 04/09/2014 SAI/SID/KIM
Change in Exit Load 24/06/2014 SAI/SID/KIM
Revision of valuation policy 28/02/2014 SAI
Appointment of director, KMP, addition of SIP dates 19/09/2013 SAI/SID/KIM
Change in valuation of securities 24/05/2013 SID

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.
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