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Is this the right scheme for you?

Are you an investor who:
  • Is seeking a mutual fund which not only talks about long-term investing but whose Sponsor* has actually been practising it for over nearly two decades.
  • Is seeking a fund manager who relies on time-tested investment principles and not on fancy algorithms or technical charts, while investing.
  • Is seeking a mutual fund whose key employees invest most of their savings in its own scheme.
  • Who disbelieves fund managers who claim to be magicians.
  • Who values prudence more than flamboyance
Then your search may have ended with ...

We are seeking investors who:
  • Understand that equity investments are ideal investments only for the long-term
  • For whom 'long-term' means a minimum period of five years
  • Who seek 'excitement' in areas other than investing
  • Who welcome, rather than fear, stock market volatility
  • Who prefer simple products to complex ones
  • Who do not inspect mutual fund Net Asset Values (NAVs) everyday
If you are one such investor, we invite you to invest in .

This scheme is not for you if...
You track mutual fund Net Asset Values everyday.
To you, the term 'Long Term” is merely a year or two.
You believe that investing should be 'exciting'
You fear, rather than welcome, stock market volatility
You believe you have the ability to time the market
You are impressed by fund managers who profess to be magicians
You prefer complex mutual fund products to simple ones.
You depend on periodic income in the form of mutual fund dividends

because, most likely, you will be disappointed!
*Past performance of the Sponsor, PPFAS Limited may not have any bearing on the performance of .