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  • PPFAS Mutual Fund :: October Quest - 2014

    October Quest: 2014

    This time it's different
    It's time for the fourth edition of OctoberQuest...and this time things are different.

    When we assert this, we are neither refuting John Templeton who disapprovingly noted that these were the four most dangerous words in history, nor alluding to the title of our CIO, Rajeev's Thakkar's slated presentation – which promises to be entertaining and illuminating.

    The key difference between this edition and its predecessors, is the prevailing zeitgeist. Each of our previous three events was held against a backdrop of a hundred shades of grey. This in turn, was reflected in the values of the headline indices and several stock prices. Today, the ethos has changed so dramatically that predicting the next move in the Sensex is probably easier than locating a person with a pessimistic outlook.

    Paradoxically, for value investors, often the worst of times are the best times. Hence, an environment which is seen as an opportunity by momentum traders could morph into a challenge for value investors.

    However, at OctoberQuest, the more things change, the more they remain the same...

    As always, we present a curated array of veteran speakers such as Sanjay Bakshi, S. Naren, G. Maran and Anil Singhvi, flanked by the young brigade in the form of Neeraj Marathe, Kuntal Shah and Ashish Kila, with Rajeev Thakkar being the flag-bearer for the hosts.

    The topics covered, range from activist investing, corporate governance and accounting shenanigans to the rationale for investing in one of the world's leading internet companies (admittedly, a topic which is bound to raise a few eyebrows at a gathering of value investors).

    Past attendees have had only one complaint...They say that the day just goes by too quickly. Well, here is another opportunity to experience yet another day like that.

    Looking forward to your your participation and engagement...

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