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  • PPFAS Mutual Fund :: October Quest - 2011

    October Quest: 2011

    For some, today's times are the worst of times...replete with bad news and poor sentiment. However, for value investors each passing day is better than the day gone by, as falling stock prices increase the attractiveness of the ideas shortlisted by them.

    At Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Limited, we have prided ourselves as investors who eschew momentum and embrace solid businesses and purchase them at sensible valuations. During our journey over the past thirty years we have come across several others who are in a similar mould and with whom we have connected with instantly. However, fleeting sporadic interactions have somehow left us with a sense of incompleteness . For the past few years, we have longed for a club or commune wherein like minded investors could meet and exchange views & ideas.

    Well, rather than wait forever for someone else to do it, we thought we should take the first step.

    Hence "OctoberQuest".....Our maiden effort at bringing together worshippers, evangelists and practitioners of the precept and practice of value investing under one roof. We hope to facilitate robust interactions, discussions (and maybe even debates) of relevant ideas close to the heart. While the format will involve a few speakers presenting and a few being involved in round tables, they would be speaking to and not speaking down to the attendees.

    We envisage this to be a peer-to-peer event where there is no tussle to be the 'First among equals."

    Even as we take our first baby steps, we are already aspiring to make this an annual "Woodstock" of value investors, akin to a club where the only criterion for membership is a love for the art and a passion for the craft.

    Also, considering that it will be a day long event (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) on a weekday, we believe that the attendee profile will only include those who see value in such a symposium and accord it top priority. In other words, we aim at attracting those who are willing to leave their office behind and not carry it in their pocket.

    Finally, in case you are wondering as to why we are organising this event, rest assured, our motives are pure. We are just fructifying our long standing desire to create a platform and nurture a network which will serve as a magnet for attracting best-in-class value investors, both, locally and (hopefully, in due course) internationally.

    Of course, along with you, we too will benefit from the plethora of ideas and opinions that will be generated at the event. That in itself will make our effort worthwhile.....

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