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    Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund

    A scheme based on time-tested Value Investing principles

    We value 'Value Investing
    We value 'Value Investing

    We value 'Value Investing'!

    We only include companies with low debt, high cash flows, investor-friendly managements , etc. Most important, these must be quoting at a discount to their intrinsic value at the time of purchase. Join us if you too would like to own such companies in your portfolio.

    A Swiss Army knife

    Take the case of a Swiss Army knife. It is a multi-functional gadget having various tools. Similarly, Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund has the flexibility to invest in Indian and foreign companies irrespective of market capitalisation and sectors.

    A Swiss Army knife



    65% of corpus invested in Indian equities. Hence it enjoys the same tax benefits as any other Indian equity mutual fund scheme, despite it having the freedom to invest in foreign stocks.

    The goal is to simplify life for the end investor by providing a simple yet effective solution for their long-term financial goals and not to confuse them!


    Local fund with Global focus

    Global advantage... without any tax disadvantage.*

    Local fund with Global focus
    Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund (PPFCF) is one of only a handful of Indian mutual fund schemes to invest in a basket of Indian and foreign stocks

    Five reasons why we have chosen to be different are:
    • Reducing ‘country risk’
    • Winners keep rotating
    • Reducing portfolio volatility
    • Wider choice
    • Valuations
    *‘Tax disadvantage’ refers to higher ‘Capital Gains Tax’ paid by investors in other ‘global’ equity mutual fund schemes

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    Investment Process

    We strongly believe that the following principles of value investing will help us create value for our unitholders.

    Shortlist companies

    Through quantitative screening, scrutinising public filings etc.

    Fundamental Research

    Involving the industry, peers, historical financial data, etc.

    Valuation Study

    Historical and peer valuation is combined with internal estimates of intrinsic value

    Portfolio Construction

    In line with internal prudential guidelines and Regulatory stipulations.

    We have our Skin in the Game!

    We have our Skin in the Game!

    At PPFAS Mutual Fund, we are inspired by The Hammurabi Code.

    Around 18th Century BC lived a King named Hammurabi who instituted a social law now known as the Hammurabi's code. It is the one of the first evidence of law ever written down. One of the principle features of the code was about the builder - If a builder built a house for a man & the house collapses to cause the death of the owner, then the builder has to be put to death.

    At PPFAS Mutual Fund, we demonstrate our conviction in our flagship Scheme, Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund by actively investing in it.

    TOTAL NUMBER OF UNITS HELD BY 'INSIDERS' IN THE SCHEME AS AT 31-12-2021 = 5.211 crore units of Rs. 10 each. THIS AMOUNTS TO ₹ 156.41 CRORES.

    Having our own skin in the game underlines the willingness to link our financial well-being with yours. This also places an implicit onus on us to eschew reckless behaviour and make optimum use of our time & abilities in order to enhance the scheme's performance.

    PPFAS SelfInvest

    Empowering you to transact as well as view your holdings online 24 X 7

    PPFAS SelfInvest
    Through this you can currently
    • Create a new Folio
    • Make additional purchases, redeem and switch.
    • Undertake SIP, STP and SWP transactions
    • View your investments
    • Fetch your Account Statement
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    Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.
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