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  • Four reasons why you should migrate from Internet SIP (iSIP) to eMandate

    • The same eMandate could be used for multiple SIPs.

    • Benefit of same day NAV* for SIP instalments.

    • Real-time SIP registration via Net Banking or Debit Card... as against a lead-time of 15 to 20 working days for iSIP.

    • Consequently, the first debit for new SIPs could happen as soon as 7 working days, as against nearly 30 days for iSIP.

    Unlike in the case of iSIP, eMandate does not require the unitholder to enter the SIP Registration Number (SRN) in their bank's portal. Delay in inserting this SRN has often caused the iSIP to expire, requiring unitholders to create a fresh iSIP.
    * Net Asset Value

    Disclaimer: Investor will not hold PPFAS Mutual Fund (Its Sponsor, Trustees and AMC), its registrars and other service providers responsible if lump sum or SIP transaction is delayed or not effected or investor's bank account is debited in advance or after the specific SIP date due to various clearing cycles or delay is due to any system related issue at bank or service provider end. As per SEBI guidelines on cut off time applicability, Unit allotment across all Schemes will be based on the subscription money in our Scheme Collection Accounts (i.e realization of funds).

    Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.
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