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  • New-gen Mutual Fund Scheme Launched

    The New Indian Express, March 19, 2015

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    KOCHI: Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Service (PPFAS) has launched a New-generation Long-Term Value Fund. It is a Mutual Fund equity scheme which provides people the flexibility to invest across market capitalisation, sectors and in international stocks, without sacrificing tax efficiency. Besides, it also enables to take advantage of certain special situations, buy-backs etc, within the same scheme.

    “Long term investors, including NRIs can invest in this scheme,” said Parag Parikh, who has over three decades of experience in the stock market.

    “PPFAS Mutual Fund stands apart from other Funds in many ways. As a fund house, we strongly believe in the concept of ‘Law Of The Farm’. Hence, we explicitly state that we only welcome those investors with a minimum investment horizon of five years. We believe that excluding short-term oriented investors is in the interest of other investors in ourscheme,” he said.

    He claimed that promoters and directors of companies, fund managers and other employees have invested in . These holdings, currently comprising nearly 9 per cent of the corpus, are also disclosed and updated monthly on our website,, he said.

    “Unlike in the case of equity shares, distributing dividends in any mutual fund scheme is tantamount to giving investors their own money back. As we do not believe this is correct, we only offer the ‘Growth’ option in ,” Parikh said.

    PPFAS also organised a series of Annual General Meetings, last year.

    The original article could be seen here.

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