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    Parag's Views

    Mr. Parag Parikh's thoughts on the behavioral aspects of investing... and more!

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    Why is investing confusing!

    This lecture is about understanding investing, the paradigm of money, what type of investment planning is necessary and what sort of financial literacy is required to manage ones investments.

    Success and Failure

    This first lecture talks about the various characteristics of human nature which ultimately dictate if a person is going to be successful or not. Habits and our Emotional Quotient (EQ) plays a big part in how we progress in life. This lecture will form the basis for the following lectures on how one can use the principles of behavioral finance to be successful investors.

    Behavioral Finance Solutions

    Are you prone to the 4 biases of the Prospect Theory? You will find out in this lecture if you are, through a few quizzes, experiments and real life experiences. In addition the lecture will also highlight 'why stocks are the best hedge against inflation.

    Mental Accounting

    Mental accounting is the shortcut the brain takes to assign different values to the same amount of money, depending on how and when the money has been acquired. We look at this phenomenon of mental accounting through 4 stories and a few interesting scenarios in this lecture.

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