Remembering Parag Parikh

The demise of a company's founder is a poignant moment for its stakeholders. This feeling is laced with an overwhelming sense of disbelief when he departs suddenly, as was the case with Mr. Parag Parikh.

While it would be a cliché to say that we have lost a friend, philosopher and guide, many of us actually saw in him an amalgam of these three facets at various points in our tenure over here.

To the world at large, he was renowned as an iconoclast who did not flinch from exposing the foibles of the finance sector in general, and lately, the mutual fund sector in particular.

However, what is less known is the fact that over the past decade or so, he was involved in building an organisation that would far outlast him. Aware of the limitations and drawbacks of a personality-centric company, he worked untiringly to develop a competent team around him. In fact, he would often say with pride that the company could easily function without him. Little did we know that such a day would dawn so soon...

His demise triggered an outpouring of grief, both, in mainstream and social media. This page contains a selection of articles on his life and his influence over others. You could also view related messages on the Twitter Timeline, below, and contribute your own. You may also write in to [email protected]. We will publish all of them in due course.