Tribute by his Followers

Tribute to respected Sir Parag Parikh

I recently came across a book written by Maverick investor Parag Parikh, which propelled my curiosity to look further for more of him, than i came across minefield of knowledge in the form of videos on YouTube which is a part of 14 lecture series which he gave at Goa Institute of Management (GIM). it goes without saying that i have watched all the videos religiously, making notes out of them and i have to admit they have given me many insights which would have been difficult to get any where else.

Then one day i happened to tell about these videos with one of my fathers friend, who also invests in stocks, informed me that Parag Parikh have recently been expired due to unfortunate car accident. it came as a shock to me that the man who has given us so much much knowledge is not among us today.

I pray for you Sir to achieve Moksha.

- Shobhit Singhal, Thankful Student

Unshakeable conviction in the midst of unanchored opportunism

I had the privilege of working with Paragbhai on defining and articulating brand PPFAS.

During our process of research and analysis, we soon realised that our task was less of discovery and more of expression.

Paragbhai was exceptionally clear about the brand; all we needed to do was to find a vehicle of communication as differentiated as he was! Thus was born the tortoise and the brand line, "There is only one right way."

Both Paragbhai and PPFAS the organisation live up to that ‘right way’ ruthlessly.

In a category characterised by buccaneering profiteers, sleek cut-throats and smooth-talkers, PPFAS is the fearless counterpoint: speakers of blunt truth, commitment to own brand by putting own money in the scheme, commitment to long-termism.

Both in word and action, Paragbhai proved why the most valuable asset even in the world of finance is, very simply, your values.

- Kiran Khalap, Chlorophyll Brand & Communications Consultancy

Dear Parag Bhai,

I am Akshay Yelburgi, I was associated with PPFAS Ltd long back in year 2000 in a capacity of EA to you. My stint with your firm lasted for merely 2-3 months before we parted. But during those months I got valuable insights on Stock Markets with specific reference to Behavioral Finance where in I remember we arranged a seminar at Cuffe Parade -WTC. I still follow this subject very closely and have put up an article on my blog

I also recollect you making me in charge of your library and getting the books in order that were in circulation. At first, I didn't like what I was doing. Only to realize much later that they were the seeds sown for cultivating my reading habit - and what a treasure I hit upon!!! I have been tremendously benefited with this one trait, Personally and Professionally. And I must Thank you for making me in charge of your Library.

One more thing that I picked up vicariously from you is 'Vipassana' which you were so predictable regular during afternoon hours.

Though I worked with PPFAS merely for 2-3 months. But had an lifetime impact of it. Reading and Meditating will be with me forever and both of these were introduced by you.

I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. And I know you are reading this....

- Akshay Yelburgi

Dear Sahil, Neil and Mrs Parikh,

I write this with a heavy heart. I have lost one of my dearest students and a very good friend and adviser for investments. Paragbhai was very sincere in his efforts to learn music and had a marvelous god given voice.

I was training him to the best of my ability and he had progressed quite a bit. In the past one year that Paragbhai learnt music from me, we had grown very close. I could easily share any of my situations with him and vice versa. His approach to life was both practical and spiritual.

I pray that his soul rest in peace. May god give us the strength to bear the loss of our beloved person. I am grateful that my life gave me such a wonderful person as student and a friend. Will always miss him!

- Tushar Bhatia

A mentor and a true inspiration

I cannot express the amount of admiration I have for him in words. I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting him when I was 19, and he had since become a source of motivation for me in the field of value investing, and as a person. The country has lost a veteran value investor(one of very few), and I, personally, lost a friend, a guide, a mentor and a true inspiration.

At least his soul rests where it would've been the most at peace, the Mecca for value investors. Sir, you will be truly missed.

- Nikhil Joseph, Student, IIM Indore

This is to offer my heartfelt condolences. News of Paragbhai's demise has shaken me. It is difficult to comprehend that fact even now. I have had lots of communication/interactions with him. Several times in state of confusion, I would seek his wisdom and he would be there unconditionally. He had played his role in making me believe in the professional path I have charted for myself. He was also instrumental in assisting me to attend Vipasyana. There are many more such instances.

I pray God for his peace and strength to his personal and professional family to bear irreplaceable loss.

- Gaurav Mashruwala

I am still to come to terms with the sudden demise of Parag Bhai. I have read about PPFAS, Parag Bhai and last year got an opportunity to meet him personally at his office. I was truly overwhelmed with this meeting and considered myself blessed.

The icing on the cake was hosting Parag bhai and his lovely team at PPFAS for investor awareness seminar in Nashik. I was also privileged to have got associated with FoF hosed by Parag bhai in Mumbai. The news of Parag bhai's demise came as a rude shock and my mind caught some of the wonderful memories I had with him. Parag bhai, you were one of the legends of the capital markets and an inspirational human being.

I strongly believe that team PPFAS will carry forward Parag bhai's legacy forever.

- Aditya Karnik

I knew Paragbhai as music lover and guiter player! I remember our Igatpuri trip where I sung a song and he played his guiter. Would like to dedicate this two lines to ParagBhai from the same song...

"Khoke apne par hi to, usne tha udna sikha,
Gham ko aapne saath me lele, dard bhi tere kaam aayega..."

RIP Paragbhai!

- Sandeep Vyas

To the Family of Late Shri Parag Parikh,

I am Narayanan from Chennai. I am a fan of Late Shri Parag Parikh.

My heart nearly stopped when I came across the news on 4th May that Shri Parikh was no more.

When Shri Parikh was 1,000 times more intelligent and knowledgeable than Mr. Warren Buffet, what was the need for Shri Parikh to attend the Meeting of Berkshire Hathaway? Could he not have engaged a local cab driver instead of being driven by Shri Rajeev Thakkar?

Hope Shri Rajeev and Mrs. Parag Parikh are recovering slowly but surely from their injuries.

Once again my heart felt condolences.

- SR Narayanan, Chennai

This is Venkata Srikanth a follower of Mr Parag Parikh. Though till now I didn't have a chance to meet him, I got introduced to him after reading the book VALUE INVESTING and BEHAVIORAL FINANCE. I am actually a chemical engineer graduate who had joined IT company and working in software projects. I had interest in stocks though I never made money and lost some. One day when I was in Crossword book store I had accidentally chanced upon to see the book written by Parag Parikh. After reading the first few pages I felt I need to continue and hence bought the book.

Being a novice to stocks, I felt I may not understand the book completely. However contrary to my opinion the book was presented in a simple and easy fashion due to which I was able to understand most of the concepts. The book had changed my perception of stocks and also a few things about life. Especially the first few pages of the book is a must read. The book there after changed a lot of things in my life and specifically some things related to decision making.The book has introduced me to various other authors and their commendable work. After this I have been closely following Mr Parag Parikh on twitter and PPFAS website. Infact I was waiting for an oppurtunity to meet or attend one of his sessions.

Its hard to believe that Mr Parag Parikh is no more. For me it is like loss of a great teacher.

- Venkata Srikanth