Tribute by Employees

Parag bhai was an inspiration to me in both professional and personal life.

His innovative ways of dealing with adversities, creating opportunities and clarity of thinking were remarkable. He often said "Change is constant" and we have to improvise with changing times. Parag bhai has etched a corner in my heart for ever and will always remain part of my life till the very end!

Thank you Parag bhai for all the guidance and blessings given to me as a chairman, guide and father figure.

... Aalok Mehta

It is very hard to digest that you have gone far away from us, but we know you are still watching us and will be alive in our hearts for life time.

I am working with Parag Bhai since 1983 when he started his office. Its almost 30 years we are working together, we were like family, whenever I had a problem Parag Bhai was always there for me. He taught me the importance of Investments and guided me how to do financial planning.

I just want to Thank you for all the things you have done for me, I don't have enough words to express my feelings, because you were like my God Father. The life which I am living is just because of you. If you would have not given me opportunity to work with you than my life would have been something else. I promise you that the trust which you had in me will always be honored.

In the end I just would like to Thank you for all your support and trust. Thank you so much.

... Ashok Kerkar

I knew Paragbhai for exactly ten years. While the world lauds him as a great value investor, I tend to look upon him more as a great leader.

In various unique ways, he revolutionised the way in which our company operated over the past 30 odd years, and took great care to carry us all along with him. His nuggets of wisdom benefitted us all, be it the fund management, marketing or relationship teams. He always insisted that all of us played to our strengths, rather than wasting time in papering over our weaknesses.

Also, while certain principles were non-negotiable, he was not averse to changing with the times. That is one reason why our company was able to survive several seismic changes in the industry.

Finally, he was an extremely perceptive man. Many a time I felt that he could literally read my mind. He often helped me cut through the clutter and see things for what they were.

I will surely miss him for the rest of my life...

... Jayant Pai

Still cant believe the fact that Parag Bhai is no more. Whenever I hear his name the first thing that comes to my mind is the smile that he has always on his face.

He was an inspiration not only to me, but, I am sure for many others. I have learned many things from him, also taught me to respect and value things, even the smallest things in life which I used to take them for granted.

He had a guitar in his cabin and I wished I could have seen him play that at least once. He was very friendly with all the colleagues and made us feel very comfortable whenever you had a chat with him, no matter what the topic is. I do consider myself very lucky to have worked with him. My prayers are with his family. Thank you very much Parag Bhai for everything thing. Will definately miss you. RIP Sir!

... Mitesh Shah

I’ve known Paragbhai for about 7 years. The unique experiences we had with him was outstanding. As a person he was simple, loving and caring. He was having good sense of humor also.

He use to work in his own personality. He was energetic and lively and also was comfortable with his own style. His speech was flawless, an authentic in a way that he is comfortable with. He knows his material so well that it's like a conversation -- not a rehearsed presentation.

His enthusiasm gave the rest of us what we needed most – and that was leadership. He was man of action and not just words

Well, He saw possibilities where the rest of us saw need. He saw opportunity where the rest of us saw problems. He didn’t say, “Let somebody else do it.” He said, “I’ll take that on.”

His leadership took us from a dream to a reality….the reality of this fine Asset management company we will enjoy for years. He got us started, rallying many people to work together to complete this dream. It would never have happened without him.

Unforgettable personality! We will really miss you!

... Neeta Shukla

It is very hard to digest that Parag Bhai is gone far away from us, but we all know that he will be alive in our hearts for lifetime.

I am working with Parag Bhai from last one year. It was a great honour for me that I got opportunity to work with such a great personality like Parag Bhai, I have learned many things from him like importance of value investing and how to do our financial planning. I don't have words to express my feelings for Parag Bhai, but would like to say he is my inspiration.

In the end I just want to Thank Parag Bhai for teaching us so many things.

... Ninad Bhosle

On 4th May 2015, Sunday all of us were shocked to know about the tragic incident and the untimely demise of our beloved Parag bhai. All the people talk about his achievements in the financial markets but i would like to highlight about Parag bhai as a human being. He is a gem of a person and the best host you could ever have for any of the events. He was a great leader and always believed in making an organisational structure, which is evident from the running of the fund after his demise. He always was a man of principles and values. He always told all of us to work with integrity, and the rewards will flow gradually.

Thank you for all the learnings and guidance that you have given over the years. RIP!

... Raj Mehta

It's hard to believe that Parag Bhai is no more with us but will always remain in our heart. It was a long relation with Parag Bhai (almost twenty five years) since I joined the organisation. It was not a relation of employer and employee but that of a family member. Parag Bhai would be ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in any critical situation. He was one who would encourage staff members to keep them updated with latest technologies and would support for the same.

I would like to thank Parag Bhai for giving me the opportunity to work with him.

... Ranbir Nayal

Words can't express the loss you left behind. If tears can build a stairway and memories a lane, I would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

Parag Sir has always been a father figure to me. Whoever has come to him for advice and guidance, has definitely found a solution in best of their interest.

He was always ready to lend a helping hand to any one in any situation.

Miss you Sir! Life will be difficult without you. RIP Sir!

... Ratna Puthran

It is very hard to digest that you have gone far away from us, but you will always be in our hearts. Gone before us too soon, Boss Certainly, the precious memories of you will remain in our hearts.

I have been working with Parag Sir for the past 8 years. Paragbhai was such a wonderful person to work with. We will miss his smile and helpful attitude for staff. He was always giving compliments or a helping hand to his staff. Paragbhai was such a kind, gentle soul. He would do anything to help someone in need. He made sure, we knew we were appreciated.

From last 8 years Paragbhai was a part of my life, through hard times and good times, I'm going to miss having him around to ask questions and seek guidance. He gave me confidence to be myself. He gave us fantastic support for all the years I have known him, thank you for all your support and trust.

Paragbhai was an extraordinary person. Myself and my family are very much thankful to you for all your support. Now you are in our prayers and thoughts! RIP!

... Sanjay Shroff

The sudden and untimely demise of Paragbhai is not only a huge loss to PPFAS but, to me loss of an elderly family member. I am fortunate to get an opportunity to work under him and have learnt a lot. His guidance , helpful attitude and encouragement helped me to grow in the organisation.

I am going to miss having him around to ask questions and seek guidance. I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the family during this time.

... Usha Galia

It is very hard to accept the sudden demise of Parag Bhai. He is no more but remain in our heart. I am working in ppfas since 1985. We felt comfortable to work under his leadership. He was very humble, peaceful, kind & merciful. He is very good in understanding people and help them. His guidance and the helpful nature and encouragement helped me to grow in the organization. His investment principle and long Term Vision made him as a successful Value Investor. He was like a family member to me. Me and My Family are very much thankful to you for all your support given to us.

... Vijay Nair

Do you ever get such response from your bosses?

The very last email by Paragbhai from Omaha. RIP Sir!

... Vinay Teli