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    CAMS WBR mail back services

    At the outset, we thank you for choosing to partner with us and recommend our Schemes to your clients.

    We do hope you are happy with the manner in which we manage your clients' money, as well as with the Service extended by our Team to you.

    Given the steady increase in the number of Partners, we were contemplating as to how we could continue to live up to the service standards set by us internally.

    Towards that end we undertook a study of the various requests received by our Team... and gathered that most of them were repetitive queries pertaining to Transactions, Account Statements and Commission Statements, etc.

    We also realised that the answers to these common queries – along with some other uncommon ones - were contained within the 'Distributor Mailback Services' offered by CAMS.

    That is why we have included a re-direction button to this page on our website, so that you can log-in and obtain the solution faster, without the delays inherent in you first reaching out to our Team, and then receiving it from them.

    The broad categories from which you could fetch Reports are:
    • Customer Service (NAV, Client Transactions, Account Statements, Client AUM on a specific date, etc.)
    • Your Earnings (Trail Commission, Commission by Scheme, etc.)
    • Business Metrics (Sales and AUM, List of SIP Investors whose plans expire shortly, etc.)
    • Proprietary Reports (Investor Static Details)
    Other useful features include:
    • Invoice Details
    • EUIN Remediation
    • Know your recent Transaction Status

    There are a total of over 60 Reports which you could retrieve within a short space of time, without any intervention required from our side. Please refer to the attached .pdf for an indicative list of reports. This list will keep getting updated periodically.

    We do hope you will find this service to be useful.

    Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) can access these Services if they have secured the requisite consent from their clients.

    Please fill in this Google Form in case you feel the need to receive any Training in this regard, from CAMS. We intend holding an online Group Training Session, once a certain number of partners indicate their interest.

    Please let us know in case you have any queries in this regard.

    Warm Regards,
    Team PPFAS Mutual Fund

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