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    We are Different

    You may consider it a bold statement... But this is why we feel so:

    Attempting to be something to everyone usually results in a loss of focus. We are steadfast believers in the time-tested principles of value investing. The manner in which we will manage will reflect this.

    Our investment choices are not dictated by glamourous factors such as momentum, technical analysis, algorithms etc. We prefer to stick to age-old metrics like cash flow, low debt etc. while constructing the portfolio. This is our circle of competence and we will never stray too far from it.

    Our approach may not appeal to investors who are seeking 'action-oriented' fund managers but we can live with that.... After all, one cannot please everyone.

    We are clear that our primary objective is to manage the corpus entrusted to us, in the most efficient manner. While growth in assets is desirable, it is not our main objective. That is why our investment management team's size exceeds that of the product promotion team.

    We firmly believe that the interests of the promoters and employees of PPFAS Mutual Fund should be aligned with those of our scheme's investors. Therefore, our senior management team has resolved to invest a sizeable portion of their investible surplus into Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund. All other employees are also encouraged to do so. We are the first mutual fund to voluntarily disclose the investment details of the Sponsor, Asset Management Company and the Key Employees on its website.

    One more example of us making life difficult for ourselves (Just kidding!!!).

    We have noticed that in the stock market, investors loosen their purse strings only during extremely bullish times. Unfortunately those are also the worst times to invest, as valuations are high and profitable ideas are scarce.

    Hence we have decided to bar lumpsum investments during frothy times (although we will continue to accept investments through the SIP option).

    We prefer to forego the opportunity to easily increase our AUM, rather than disappoint our investors whenever the markets correct.

    If you liked what you have read just now, we invite you to invest in our schemes. or recommend them to your clients after empanelling with us.
    "You cannot sow something today and reap tomorrow! A seed has to go through the various seasons before it turns into a fully grown tree. So is the case with Investing." - Parag Parikh

    Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.
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