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  • PPFAS Mutual Fund :: About Us :: How we tackle sudden corporate developments

    We will do one of three things.....

    On any particular day, in reaction to corporate earnings, business developments, management changes, competitive actions, stock price movements (sharp or otherwise / upward or downward) or any of 'n' number of reasons, we may do one of the following 3 things

    1. We may buy more shares

    2. We may sell shares

    3. We may do nothing

    In a majority of the cases the choice will be number 3. However, we will not be doing a running commentary on what we are planning to do.

    Unit holders in our Mutual Fund are the ultimate owners and we are stewards of their investments. Distributor partners are key stakeholders with us in servicing clients. However investment actions cannot be telegraphed in advance.

    There are regulatory reasons for this as well as practical reasons.

    Regulatory reasons

    Monthly portfolio disclosures are there as per regulations and unless we do block trades or cross reporting limits like 5% of outstanding capital of a company, we will not normally disclose our fund trades intra month.

    Practical reasons

    In some stocks there may be a price / volume impact of our purchase / sale especially in the small and mid-cap space.

    We invest for the long term and there are favourable and unfavourable developments in companies all the time. Trust us as stewards of your investments to do nothing most of the time on short term stimuli and to take necessary actions where required. We will fully communicate necessary details (as required) in the factsheets and have candid conversations at our unit-holders meet as always.

    Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.
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