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Personal Finance is all about reinforcing and not re-inventing. Investment Lessons for investors.

Investment Lessons

Ten timeless commandments of equity investing
What's inside...
  1. 'Law of the Farm'
  2. Volatility cannot be avoided
  3. The 'best' time to invest?
  4. Guessing tops and bottoms...A waste of time
  5. Mutual Funds...An option to consider
  6. SIPs : The 'auto-pilot' of investing
  7. Stock valuations vs Stock values
  8. Want excitment?...Look elsewhere
  9. Envy...One of the enemies of investing
  10. Emergency funding first...Investments later
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An educated investor is an empowered investor
What's inside...
  1. The magic of compounding
  2. True investors are the real winners in the long term
  3. Owning a business vs owning share in a business
  4. Financial Planning and Asset Allocation
  5. Skin in the game
  6. Which is the 'best' time to enter the market?
  7. Nominal vs Real Return
  8. Systematic Investment Plans

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