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  • PPFAS Mutual Fund :: New Investor
    Please refer to the transaction cut-off times for the respective Schemes before proceeding :

    Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund
    Parag Parikh Liquid Fund
    Parag Parikh ELSS Tax Saver Fund
    Parag Parikh Conservative Hybrid Fund
    Parag Parikh Arbitrage Fund
    Parag Parikh Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund

    You will have to approach your stockbroker / Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and / or your Depository Participant (DP) directly if you want to view your Holdings, purchase additional units, redeem them, etc.

    Also, though the cut-off time for submission to your DP is the same as that for other options, any delay by the DP in communicating your redemption request to CAMS, could result in you not receiving that day's NAV. Neither PPFAS Mutual Fund, nor CAMS will be responsible for such delays on your DP's part.

    I agree to the relevant Terms & Conditions before proceeding to transact.

    Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.
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