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Where to keep my smartphone when I’m researching companies?

The longer version of this post’s title was supposed to be:

Where to keep my smartphone while researching companies – How I learned to stop worrying about my notifications & love my work.

Well, it was never meant to be perfect.

Now that I’ve lost your attention, let me bring it back to something much more important.

I’ve always wondered why people used the phrase ‘pay attention’. Why ‘pay’? Why not just ‘give’ attention. Certainly it conveys the same intent. I think it makes a lot of sense when we think of it as a metaphor. We are in a sense, literally paying with our mind’s cognitive capacity to focus on something when we are paying attention. Continue reading

The Ultimate Productivity Tool (for investors)

The Ultimate Productivity Tool (for investors)

Before I go into the why, here’s the what –

The Ultimate Productivity Tool for an Investor, surprisingly, is “Commuting

I have been working out of an office for the past 7 years now, which means, each day I spend 1 hr 20 mins one way (door to door). Fortunately I don’t have to juggle multiple modes of transport. In the beginning this routine was non-intrusive, then it became a nuisance & then suddenly it became invisible. Continue reading

Productivity Tools for Investors 2.0

Exactly four years ago, I wrote about Productivity Tools for Investors. You can read it here. This post is an attempt to update it with new productivity habits I’ve picked up over the years.

After the demise of Google Reader which used to aggregate alerts & news items via RSS feeds, Feedly and other such tools have taken over that role. Although I’m not a huge fan of RSS anymore & you’ll know why soon. I’m still a devoted Evernote user which helps me remember stuff & organise it the way I want. I also use mind maps but I have found the softwares a bit cumbersome & the maps difficult to remember. So I went low-tech & now draw my mind maps by hand. I remember them much better. Updating them is a pain, but it was worth the effort. (But this works for me & may not for others).